Why bespoke mirrors add character to your home

One of the first items you’ll likely include alongside treasured personal possessions is a mirror when accessorising your home, whether it’s a contemporary or traditional design. Sure, an off-the-shelf mirror from a department store would be adequate, but who wants sufficient when you can go all out for a stylish bespoke mirror design. There are many benefits to having bespoke mirrors designed and installed, and in this article, we’ll examine the main points so you can understand better what will work for your home.

Find the perfect fit

When shopping for mirrors on the high street, you will inevitably encounter mirrors of all standard sizes, which may not be ideal for your intentions. When ordering bespoke mirrors, you can have them made to measure so that they will fit perfectly in whichever room or space you wish to locate them. Even if you have an oddly sized or shaped property, a bespoke mirror will help you overcome any obstacles by working with the dimensions of your wall to create the ideal aesthetic. Even better, a bespoke mirror can work in any size or style of home.

A distinctive mirror will add character

Similarly to how standard-sized mirrors can leave you disappointed, bringing home a mirror from a city centre department store, which may still be attractive, doesn’t add as much character to your home as a bespoke mirror will. You can find high-street mirrors in homes all over the United Kingdom, so isn’t it better to sprinkle some personality into your home with a mirror unique to you?

Customise your mirror

Even if you spotted a mirror in a shop that was the right size for your home and was an appealing enough piece, it might not possess some of the customisable options that are possible with a bespoke mirror. Some people prefer the minimalist style of a frameless mirror, whereas some find the classical bronze frames more alluring and suited to their property. There are different edging options, such as the traditional bevelled edge finish and various tints you can pick for a genuinely bespoke mirror. Whatever your tastes, a leading glass and mirror company such as Mirror and Glass Warwickshire will use their expertise to deliver an outstanding final product.

Making bespoke practical

As well as considering how a bespoke mirror will lend character to any space in a home, it’s worth noting the opportunity bespoke mirrors provide to design a practical function in your home. If there are particular hot spots in your home where people congregate to check themselves in the mirror, then a collection of bespoke mirrors spotted around your home will add valuable benefit.

Find a glass company that will listen to what you say

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, when looking for bespoke mirrors, you need a glass company with experience, expertise and willingness to listen to you and deliver on your vision. Mirror & Glass Warwickshire own a specialist manufacturing plant that allows them to control all aspects of high-quality mirror production. They can help design, manufacture and install your ideal mirror, so contact them today for more information.