A guide to elegantly manufactured antique mirrors

At Mirror & Glass Warwickshire, we own a specialist glass manufacturing plant where we provide beautifully crafted aged antique mirrors for our clients. We design these mirrors to look antique, which means they are ideal for homes where you’re creating a period look, or they work equally well as elegant bespoke pieces in contemporary settings. We have a variety of thicknesses and colours available for our antique mirrors for applications in both domestic and commercial environments.

The many applications for antique mirrors

Our antique mirrors are stylish, elegant and highly versatile for use in a broad scope of applications to suit an expansive range of interior designs. Whether your interior features wood, metal or marble, our antique mirrors afford endless possibilities when combined with these materials. Antique mirrors work incredibly well when:

  • they are featured on expansive walls in homes or businesses that create a dramatic and arresting effect.
  • used in interior settings in homes on furniture surfaces such as dining tables, internal sliding doors or even wall coverings
  • commercially in such spaces as receptions, elevators, escalators, staircases, and almost any commercial area where you want to make a statement to visitors
  • used as subtle yet ornate design details in retail outlets, cinemas, hotels, bars, restaurants and many other commercial spaces

The benefits of antique mirrors for your home or business

We’ll examine the various benefits of using an antique mirror within your interior below.

A highly decorative aesthetic – The finished look of our antique mirrors delivers an aged finish and slightly blemished style desirable for contemporary interior design when trying to instil a sense of character in a space. Antique mirrors work exceptionally well in large and small rooms. With our guarantee of a high-quality finish and product, you can be assured we will deliver a mirror with a breathtakingly decorative aesthetic.

Long-lasting and straightforward to maintain – Our specialist glass manufacturing plant only produces the highest quality, most durable antique mirrors that can withstand all commonly found domestic cleaning products, making them stunning to look at and easy to maintain.

Safe installation – If you intend to locate your mirror in an area with a large amount of footfall and a realistic chance of someone or something impacting the mirror, we can laminate the glass. Laminating the glass stops it from breaking into dangerous shards that can cause injury. Instead, the plastic film holds the glass, so it can safely be removed, and what’s more, the lamination is entirely invisible to the naked eye.

Customisable options

As expert glass specialists, we can also provide several different cutting techniques for antique mirrors to provide a remarkable and memorable effect, including:

  • bevelled edges, polished edges or a mitred edge
  • drilling work
  • etching
  • two distinctive colours – striking bronze with a sheen that sparkles and grey, for a deep and luxurious finish.

If you want to create a stylish design in a home, hotel or office space, and want more information about our antique mirrors, contact our team today.