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Glazing Refurbishments: Mirror and Glass

Eventually, weathering will cause glazing tapes, gaskets and silicones to degrade and perish, allowing water to seep in, resulting in misted and unappealing glazed units. Replacing whole windows is expensive and unnecessary. At Mirror and Glass, our expert glazing technicians provide glazing refurbishments to ensure your glass canopy or atrium continues to look fantastic with minimum disruption to your business.

Glazing Inspection Reports

Our experienced glazing experts can conduct onsite glazing inspection reports to confirm all your glazing complies with the relevant British standard. By guaranteeing you have the right bespoke mirrors and antique mirrors, we can help you avoid any potential accidents that could create a problematic situation.

Investigating and Repairing Glazing Leaks

Leaks in a glass atrium or canopy can have consequences that are more serious than just being an eyesore. Running water can damage electrical wiring and, if left unchecked, lead to unhealthy mould spores. We provide a full investigation using water testing to locate the entry point and eliminate the leak.

Commercial Glazing Refurbishments and Maintenance

Traffic pollution and long-term weathering have a detrimental impact on the rubber gaskets and silicone durability that help keep your glass in place and waterproof. As they start to degrade, glass can look unsightly, giving a negative impression of your business. With our glazing refurbishments and maintenance, we can replace all gaskets and silicone and faulty hardware.

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Canopy Repair and Restoration

Without regular maintenance and care, reception canopies become encased in grime and dirt, losing their appeal and potentially becoming unsafe should any glass sip out of position. With frequent restoration, Mirror and Glass can keep your glass canopy looking pristine at all times.

Frameless Glass Doors

We have extensive experience in installing and restoring frameless glass doors, also known as armour plate doors. If the door has dropped, if the hinges have broken, or if the floor spings need inspecting, we can perform any adjustments or repairs required to restore your entrance to its full glory.

Shower Doors

In addition to external glazing refurbishments, we also provide resealing and realignment for leaking shower doors. For more information on any of the glazing services Mirror and Glass offer, contact us today via our website or phone.