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Mirrors are fundamental features of any bathroom, bedroom, dance studio or other retail arenas like clothes shops. At Mirror and Glass Warwickshire, we pride ourselves on our glazing expertise and high level of customer service. We have the experience and tools to manufacture high-quality bespoke / antique mirrors in a range of dimensions and thicknesses. With a variety of finishes available, we can fulfil orders for chic antique or smart contemporary mirrors.

Bespoke / Antique Mirrors For Domestic And Commercial Settings

We produce and install countless made to measure mirrors that have practical uses in both domestic and retail environments. From off-shaped or large bathrooms mirrors to full-length mirrors for bedrooms and clothes store changing rooms, we can produce all types of contemporary style mirror. Plain edging incorporates sleek lines that enhance a modern look, and unframed mirrors work well to magnify space and light within a room.

Antique Mirrors

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Antique Mirrors For A Touch Of Elegance

As well as functional yet contemporary styled mirrors, we also produce exquisite bronze or grey antique mirrors to furnish homes, hotels or luxury office spaces. The bronze mirrors feature an arresting sheen that will stand out in any room. At the same time, the grey finish has an understated refinement to compliment any space. We can complete the mirror with a bevelled edge for a timeless look.

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    From Consultation To Installation

    We possess the skills and technology to handle any mirrors enquiries from initial enquiry to installation. We provide a thorough consultation service, and we will visit your home or premises to ensure we deliver to your exact requirements. After we manufacture the glass, we complete our service with a first-class installation. For affordable antique mirrors / bespoke mirrors, and a company that values customer service above all else, choose Mirror and Glass Warwickshire.