Which commercial mirror is right for your company?

If you want a practical business space with an element of refinement, you need to consider using commercial mirrors. When entertaining guests at your business premises, whether it’s an expensive city office space, or a business unit in an industrial park, having suitable commercial mirrors is essential. In receptions or bathrooms, a commercial mirror allows guests to check their appearance in a mirror, befitting the brand and style of your business.

There is a wide selection of various colours, sizes and sorts of glass that businesses can choose for their commercial mirrors for multiple applications. One of the critical aspects of ensuring your mirror suits your space lies in its placement and the purpose you want it to serve. Our blog will explore the primary considerations you need to evaluate when buying a commercial mirror.

What to weigh up when selecting commercial mirrors

When choosing a mirror, you must ensure its characteristics and features match your desired outcome. So consider:

  • The specification: When enquiring with a glass company about commercial mirror work, communicate as much detail about your project as possible. Sharing the facts will guarantee you receive the exact mirror you want.
  • Regulations: Whenever installing any glass on a business premise, always check what building codes the mirror might need to adhere to; otherwise, you may not be able to use it.
  • Colour: It’s crucial the colour you choose blends in well with the space to create the right ambience. Choosing a darker colour mirror in a room that is brightly coloured will cause a jarring effect that won’t work. However, darker coloured mirrors in the right setting deliver a sophisticated aesthetic.
  • Shape: The architecture of your space will help determine the mirror shape you choose. The more distinctive you can be with the shape, the more arresting your mirror will appear.
  • Ornate touches: Consider adding some ornate bevelling or edging to add a touch of sophistication.

Does the size of the mirror matter?

Even if you choose the perfect colour mirror and style, it won’t matter if the size mismatches the room. The size should combine with the intended purpose to create the desired effect.

Large mirrors – These work best when integrating into the environment, especially with frameless mirrors that allow other room features to shine.

Small mirrors – A small mirror is a great way to complement a room, but it needs to fit the space. It’s too easy for small mirrors to get lost in large commercial areas.

Above furniture – If you plan to hang a mirror above a piece of furniture such as a desk, it’s wise to make the mirror no longer than the furniture to avoid it looking crude.

Find the right commercial glass company

The last crucial step is finding a glass company that can take your vision for a commercial mirror and deliver it. If you contact us or visit our trade counter, we have a team of experts who can guide you to finding your ideal commercial mirror. As a turnkey business, we can manage the manufacture, design and installation of your commercial mirror.