Five methods of incorporating antique decorative mirrors into interior design

Antique mirrors can add a touch of elegance and glamour to any interior space. With multiple styles available, it’s easy to incorporate antique decorative mirrors into your interior design. Here are five creative ways to do just that.

Enhance your kitchen with a unique splashback

Antique decorative mirrors can provide a unique and visually striking alternative to the traditional splashback. Its surface and distinct texture can add personality to a modern kitchen’s slick surfaces and design. Consider integrating an antique mirror glass splashback with a wooden countertop to create a delightful aesthetic contrast. The wood’s warm tones and natural texture will complement the cool and reflective surface of the antique mirror glass, creating a harmonious and inviting space.

Add a hint of elegance

Incorporating antique mirrors into your bathroom decor can add a hint of sophistication without being abrasive. It can elevate the space and create a more luxurious atmosphere by creating depth to the area.

Make a stylish initial impression

Wall-length antique mirror glass panels can create a dramatic first impression in your hallway and make the space feel larger, meaning wall-length antique mirrors work incredibly well in custom-fit designs for smaller areas.

Create a seamless transition between materials

Antique mirrors can balance a room’s decor by providing a visual bridge between dark and light materials. Antique mirrors in a modern design with exposed brick walls, concrete floors, and steel beams can create a seamless shift between these industrial elements and softer, more elegant furniture and decor pieces.

Tone down a busy space

Antique mirrors come in various finishes, dimensions and thicknesses. In busy spaces where several elements compete for the centre spot, it’s wise to use antique mirrors subtly to harmonise all the decor elements in the room.