Finding bespoke mirrors for commercial interior design projects

Mirrors are a timeless accessory for any property, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Well-placed bespoke mirrors can completely transform a room, adding depth, light, and style. Here are some tips for the best approach to finding bespoke mirrors for your commercial interior design project.

Evaluate the purpose

Before you start searching, it’s crucial to consider the purpose of a made-to-measure mirror. Will it be purely decorative or functional? Do you need a large statement piece or a smaller accent mirror? Think about where you will place it and how it will fit into the overall design scheme.

Choose the right shape and size

The shape and size of bespoke mirrors is an essential consideration. A rectangular or square mirror is a classic choice, but round, oval, and irregular shapes can add visual interest. Measure the space where the mirror will go to ensure a proper fit. For a statement piece, go big and bold. You can also opt for a cluster of smaller mirrors for smaller spaces to create a layered effect.

Decide on the finish

The finish of your made-to-measure mirror can enhance its overall look and feel. A polished finish creates a classic and refined look, while a distressed finish adds character and charm. A painted finish can add a pop of colour to your space. Consider the finish in conjunction with the frame material for a cohesive design.

Buy bespoke mirrors from a reputable manufacturer

When scrutinising the market to buy bespoke mirrors, finding a reputable maker who can bring your project to life is vital. Look for a maker who offers a range of styles and materials and can create custom designs to suit your needs. At Mirror & Glass Warwickshire, you’ll find you’re working with a reliable and experienced professional.