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Mirrors, especially antique mirrors that exude class and elegance can have a transformative effect on any room. Whether you opt for frameless mirrors with a plain edge or a classic bevelled finish, at Mirror and Glass Warwickshire, we’re sure to have a mirror design that will fit your requirements and serve any space in which it features.

The benefits of using mirrors in Daventry homes and shops

Contemporary and antique mirrors are excellent for completing the overall look and character of a room and bring with them several benefits. Most crucially, the use of mirrors in a setting brings about the illusion of extra space, which can be especially useful for smaller rooms. In addition to creating space, antique mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light creating an atmosphere that feels airy and welcoming. Finally, as well as the obvious practical benefits, mirrors allow people to make a statement. Decorative mirrors of any style make a lasting impression on the aesthetics and feel of a space.

Contemporary and antique mirrors in Daventry

At Mirror and Glass Warwickshire, we design, manufacture and install all styles of contemporary mirrors in retail outlets and homes in Daventry. Alongside our modern range of mirrors, we provide timeless antique finishes in bronze and grey that bring refinement and class to any space.

Exceptional customer service

As a turnkey business, we possess the expertise and tools to control every aspect of the process from initial contact, through to the consultation period, the manufacture and finally, installation. Therefore, it’s of paramount importance to us that our clients receive the very best customer service. We ensure clients are informed at every stage of the process enabling our team not only to meet but exceed their expectations.

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